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VIDEO: What Does It Take To Climb 5.14 And Still Crush At Your Day Job?

Author: Hilary Oliver

July 06, 2015

Regan Kennedy is working on sending the first 5.14a by a woman in Alberta’s Bow Valley. But it’s not the only thing she’s working on. Unlike other sponsored climbers who might be tempted to take off in a van to focus 100 percent on climbing for a season, Regan gives her best at her day job in human relations, too. “I’ve literally divided my activity in half—I work, and I climb,” she says. “I think climbing is part of my life, and working is also part of my life. So I climb full time, minus all the glamorous road trips.”

Photo by Tara Atkinson Photography

It takes a special amount of hard work and motivation to pull off that kind of commitment. But her view of success in life has shifted. It’s not just about having a great job, a nice car and house. It’s something more—it’s great relationships and the passion to excel at what she loves. Which means spending lots of time at the crag, working out the moves to her project, Ojas, 5.14a. Check out this short about how she balances her career, family and passion for climbing.

Photo by Tara Atkinson Photography

Hilary Oliver

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