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The Summer Sending Kit

Author: Outdoor Research

July 01, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—the crags have dried up, waterfalls and runoffs trickled into nothing, and forecasts all over the country read clear, dry, and sunny. Climbers everywhere are flocking to their favorite rock playgrounds and tackling the projects they’ve been checklisting all winter long.

But summer doesn’t mean the same for everyone. While the arid deserts of the southwest skyrocket temps into the 100’s, the cool habitat of the northeast stays frigid until late morning sun warms the rock. And we all know that just as temperatures fluctuate, so do climbing objectives.

Wondering what to wear climbing this summer? The easy answer is this: Versatile, all-season clothing that will protect you against harsh sun, abrasive rock, and still be flexible and comfortable enough to nail your send.


There are some pairs of pants that are just so dang comfortable that you end up wearing them on your bike commute, all day at the office, and out to happy hour, dinner, and beyond. Then, there are the climbing pants you throw on for your gym time or evening at the crag – the rugged, throw-against-rocks pair that seem to be permanently covered in chalk. You’d never dream of throwing your harness on over your work attire, just as you wouldn’t want to have to sit in scratchy, stiff workwear all day long. Until now.

Meet the Wadi Rum pants and shorts: The only pants you’ll wear through every day and every activity this summer. Inspired by the steep, remote rock walls of southern Jordan, this new collection includes purpose-built climbing clothing that excel in hot, dry climates like the deserts of the Middle East – but look professional enough to rock in the boardroom, or kicked back after work on a barstool.

Never choose between durability and comfort again with a Cordura® nylon, spandex, and cotton blend. Flexible, mobility-enhancing stretch? Check. Abrasion resistance without cardboard-strength stiffness? You betcha. Super-soft homestyle comfort? Oh yeah.

We can’t begin to list the climbing-specific features packed into this pair, so see them for yourself when you check out the entire Wadi Rum Collection in action.




Scabbed-up hands aren’t a rite of passage anymore. Neither are lengths of discarded climbing tape littered around your campsite or van. When perpetuators of Leave No Trace caught wind of our award-winning Splitter Gloves, they were thrilled to find a solution to safe crack climbing that doesn’t leave scraps of wasteful tape strewn around the crag.

That’s why our 2018 rock climbing glove collection include all-time favorites, brand new innovations, and classics upgraded with send-enhancing improvements.







Cool breezes and early mornings call for an extra layer at the crag – one that will enhance your send, rather than weigh you down. Enter the Fifth Force Hoody: Your new favorite climbing hoody that balances all of the benefits of lightweight mobility and bomber durability.

A triple-blended fabric packs it all in: (1) Cordura® nylon protects against abrasions on sharp rock walls, (2) Spandex allows unprecedented mobility, and (3) Breathable, lightweight cotton ensures you stay comfortable all day from frosty mornings to sun-scorched afternoons.

Whether you’re working up the crux of holding down a belay just a few degrees below your comfort level, slip into the sleeves of the Fifth Force Hoody for confidence-enhancing coziness.


Between a long approach, a comprehensive gear kit, and hauling necessities up a multi-pitch objective, weight savings can mean a lot more adventure. And with the Payload 18 Pack, that doesn’t have to mean compromising on must-have climbing features. This pack comes loaded with:



Get stoked: See the Payload 18 Pack in action.

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