Adam George

Hometown: Chamonix, FR
Current Transportation: 2008 Peugeot Wagon
Core Activities: Rock climbing, alpine climbing, ice climbing, ski mountaineering
Non-Core Activities: Parenting, beach holidays
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Scarpa, BlueWater Ropes, Julbo
Favorite Places: The Alps, Southern Utah, the Verdon Gorge
My Jam Is: Raspberry
I Eat Lots Of: Tartiflette
Fun Fact: I like playing chess.

Since the age of 15, climbing has been a driving force in Adam’s life. His passion for climbing has taken him around the globe climbing rock faces, frozen waterfalls and big snowy lumps. Adam’s enthusiasm—read: addiction—for climbing has also lead to the demise of a couple of job opportunities and several relationships. Tired of swinging a hammer to finance climbing trips, Adam decided to make a career out of the sport he loves. He obtained his internationally recognized guiding qualification (IFMGA) and currently works full time as a professional mountain guide. He also married an equally dedicated and qualified climber, and together they run a small guiding business. When not in the mountains, Adam can be found living in Chamonix, France, with his wife and daughter. More information on Adam and his business can be found at:

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