Andy Dorais

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Current Transportation: My legs
Core Activities: Ski Mountaineering, running, riding bikes, raising two boys
Non-Core Activities: Climbing
Sponsors: OR, SCARPA, Julbo,, Grivel, Beal, Movement
Favorite Places: The Tetons, Southern Utah, my living room
My Jam Is: Changes from time to time but currently I've been listening to a mix of Wale, Katy Perry, and Ki:Theory
I Eat Lots Of: Chips
Fun Fact: I broke my pelvis last summer from running too much...that's how much I love it. But now I ride bikes more.

Andy Dorais is a ski mountaineer and rando racer who is trying to merge the two disciplines to travel fast and efficiently through the mountains. His main goal is to just ski more, since more skiing equals more fun. His best days in the mountains involve moving fast with good friends and skiing classic summits. An example includes climbing and skiing Mount Rainier in just under four hours each with his brother.

Outside of Salt Lake City in his home range, the Wasatch, is where he gets his daily fix. He is supported by a very patient wife and two boys, Lars and Teague. When not in the mountains, Andy tries to give back to society by working the emergency room.

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