Beth Rodden

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Current Transportation: Toyota Prius
Core Activities: Rock climbing
Non-Core Activities: Baking, cooking, anything to do with sustainable food
Sponsors: Ourdoor Research, La Sportiva, Petzl, Climb On, Osprey, Clif Bar, Oakley
Favorite Places: Yosemite, Mom and Dad's House, anywhere in the mountains with no one around.
My Jam Is: Anything from Gillian Welch to Jay Z
I Eat Lots Of: Fruit
Fun Fact: I'd take a good cookie over any form of alcohol any day of the week.

Beth Rodden started climbing at the age of 14 when her dad took her to the local climbing gym. She immediately became entranced in the vertical world, traveling the country and the world for climbing competitions.As her love of plastic climbing faded and her love of the mountains grew, she started living on the road, traveling from climbing area to climbing area. With a few years of dedicated sport climbing under her belt, she became interested in bigger walls and trad climbing. For the past decade, she’s been obsessed with climbing in Yosemite. Whether it’s free climbing El Cap, single pitches or wrestling boulders, she’s become a permanent fixture on the Sierra granite.

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Access Fund - The Secret is Out: Jailhouse Open Access

In 2011, the Access Fund and local climbers negotiated an easement with a landowner that opened a whole new era in CA climbing. [Read More]

Super Sonic Slab Climbing

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