Blake Herrington

Hometown: Leavenworth, WA
Current Transportation: Old steel road bike with gears (not trendy enough for a fixie)
Core Activities: Alpine climbing, rock climbing
Non-Core Activities: Writing, cooking, crosswording
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, SCARPA, CAMP USA, The Grocery Outlet
Favorite Places: The Cascades, Trout Creek, granite mountains with few people
My Jam Is: Raspberry
I Eat Lots Of: Bacon
Fun Fact: I always order milk when offered a drink on an airplane—free protein and calories to complement the 3-oz pack of salted cashews.

Blake Herrington learned to climb as a teenager while working for a small bakery in North Cascades National Park. His first trips into the mountains instilled in him a familiarity with untraveled alpine choss and a love for remote peaks. Now in his mid-20s, Blake has lived in Denver and Bellingham, before recently settling into the mountain town of Leavenworth, Wash. He has established over two-dozen new alpine routes or first free ascents from Alaska, to Colorado to Argentina. Blake is also a widely-published author, having contributed articles to Alpinist, Climbing and Rock & Ice. He has climbed sport and traditional pitches up to 5.13d, but considers diverse alpine routes the most engaging and inspiring sub-set of climbing. Despite savoring the alpine cooking of many climbing partners, he counts himself among the best camp chefs he’s had the opportunity to climb with.

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