Chad Kellogg (1971-2014)

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current Transportation: 1993 Toyota T100 4x4
Core Activities: Alpine climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, backcountry skiing
Non-Core Activities: Running, carpentry, coffee, eating
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Cascade Design, Julbo, Black Diamond, Cilo Gear Packs, Vertical World Seattle, Feathered Friends
Favorite Places: North Cascades National Park, Nepal Himalaya, Patagonian Argentina, Yosemite, Canadian Rockies, Alaska Range
My Jam Is: Metalica "Kill Em All" album
Fun Fact: I work a ton between expeditions.

​Chad Kellogg (1971-2014) had been climbing since 1984, starting in his home range, the North Cascades of Washington. Along with two attempts at a speed record on Mt. Everest, he has put up significant first ascents and climbed challenging routes around the world, including the first ascent of 22,015-foot Pangbuk Ri in Nepal, the first ascent of Black Crystal Arete on Kitchatna Spire, Alaska, the first ascent of the SW Ridge of Siguniang in China, and the first ascent of the Medicine Buddha on the South Face of Aconcagua. In February of 2014, he was struck and killed by a rockfall descending a route in Patagonia. We will miss him dearly.

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Chad Kellogg: A Bittersweet Everest Climb

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Chad Kellogg: Final Preparations For Everest Speed Attempt On May 22

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Chad Kellogg: Why I’m On Everest

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The First ‘Fair Means’ Corkscrew Link-up On Cerro Torre

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Everest: To the South Col

May 11th 

I am back in Deboche again taking some rest days. The past week has been very eventful. I arrived in Base Camp on May 3rd with another round of acclimatization necessary before getting… [Read More]

Aconcagua to Everest, pt.2

The day after Rory was flown out, I hiked to Confluencia. I packed the second set of our gear for delivery to Mendoza where Rory was recovering and also packed technical gear for the South Face, arranging… [Read More]

Everest Base Camp to Balcony and Back

May 26 I am back in Base Camp after quite the mountain experience.

Four days ago, May 22,  I left on a speed ascent at 4:30 pm. There was a crowd of people at the start to wish me well… [Read More]

Aconcagua to Everest, pt.1

In early December, Rory Stark and I flew to Argentina for a late spring climb of Aconcagua (22,829 ft.). Our agenda: acclimate via the regular NW Route, climb an existing route or a new line on the… [Read More]

Trek to Everest Base Camp

April 10, 2010 - Trek to Everest Base Camp The [6-day] trek up the Khumbu was amazing! Gyanendra was the porter assigned to carry the one duffel bag that made it on the plane. The other two duffels… [Read More]

Suffer Machine

Chad Kellogg is on an incredible journey to the Himalaya. His goal:  set a new speed record ascent of colossal, 29,029-foot Mt. Everest without… [Read More]

40 V-threads

April 24th I am back in base camp after a productive week higher on the mountain. I left for Camp 2 [Read More]

Ultra-Alpinism: 50 Hour Push on Pangbuk Ri

At 10 p.m. November 10th, 18 hours into their attempt at the first ascent of Nepal’s 6,625-meter Pangbuk Ri,… [Read More]

Everest-Route Testing: Base Camp to Camp 3

April 27th: I decided Tuesday would be a good day for a trial run from Base Camp to Camp 3. I put together a small pack with water, clothing, food, cameras and gloves. The weather was supposed to… [Read More]

Everest Camp 2 Established

April 18th Yesterday I carried my third load through the Khumbu Icefall. I began at 4:15 am and was carrying a 35 lb pack. There were literally two hundred porters and I headed out within an hour and… [Read More]

Relaxing Around Everest

May 5th Well the past week has been very different from the previous month. I decided to [Read More]

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