Gordon McArthur

Hometown: Cranbrook, BC
Current Transportation: Ford E150 Camperized Van, DR 650 Enduro Bike
Core Activities: Mixed climbing, ice climbing, rock climbing
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Petzl, Scarpa, Julbo, Deuter, Wigwam
Favorite Places: The Bull River Canyon, Columbia Icefields, U'sine (a massive dry-tooling cave in France)
My Jam Is: Electronic beats
Fun Fact: Tennis was actually my pursuit in competition sports, and I hoped for it be my future...then climbing stepped in.

Gordon McArthur has been climbing for 16 years, but only in the last five have things really gone a lot deeper. “He says that even though we sleep, our desire does not,” says Gordon. “’It is who we are.’ We are desire. It is the essence of the human soul, the secret of our existence. Absolutely nothing of human greatness is ever accomplished without it. Desire fuels our search for the life we prize. The same old thing is not enough. It never will be.” Gordon lives, breathes and eats climbing, whether sport, mixed or ice. “When I am climbing, things feel right, smooth, like it was meant to be.” He lives in Cranbrook, BC and travel a lot, living out of his van and relishing the opportunity to see the world whilst living his dream. “Life is crazy, wrangling my kids, running my design business, and sharing life with my wife,” he says. “There’s never a dull moment and always a new adventure. It’s perfect, really.”

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