Graham Zimmerman

Hometown: New Zealand
Current Transportation: Green 2002 Subaru Forester, Bike
Core Activities: Alpine climbing, ice climbing, mixed climbing, rock climbing
Non-Core Activities: Extreme mountain sleeping, drinking coffee, yoga, editing film, regular sleeping
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Petzl, Boreal, Julbo, Cilogear
Favorite Places: The Alaska Range, The Cascades, The Sierras
My Jam Is: Stoking and getting stoked
I Eat Lots Of: Raw Stuff
Fun Fact: Despite being dedicated to eating well, I LOVE gummy candies and at times cannot control myself.

Twenty-seven year old male. Heavy coffee drinker. Sporter of Moustache. Totally crazy about alpinism and the experiences, challenges and relationships that come from it. Born in New Zealand raised in the Northwest. After being exposed to alpine terrain in the Cascades he moved back to NZ where he cut his teeth in the Southern Alps and became a strong part of the Kiwi climbing community. Then, after graduating from university in 2007 he moved back to the states and has been focused on climbing as it applies to alpinism ever since. This has taken him on expeditions from Alaska to Patagonia to Kyrgyzstan and all over the lower 48 and Canada where he has opened many new routes on rock, ice and snow.

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Adventure in the NW Fork of the Lacuna Glacier

“..adventure – in the grand old manner – is obsolete, having been either exalted to a specialists job or degraded to a stunt” -Peter Flemming, Brazilian Adventure (1933) 

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Classic Climbs: Mount Hunter

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