Jason Dorais

Current Transportation: the weakest 4 banger Tacoma in Utah
Core Activities: ski, run, climb
Non-Core Activities: nap, Redbox, walk the dog
Sponsors: OR, SCARPA, Julbo, Grivel, Beal, Movement Skis, skimo.co
Favorite Places: the Wasatch, Tetons, Sierra, Yosemite, Red River Gorge
My Jam Is: anything Lorde
I Eat Lots Of: cereal and Chinese food
Fun Fact: I'm French Canadian Korean

Jason Dorais grew up in Indiana far away from the mountains, running track and field and becoming a two-time collegiate All American. After college, Jason avidly began to apply his aerobic fitness to mountain sports. Mentored by one of the Wasatch “light and fast” crew, Jared Inouye, Jason quickly went after as much steep skiing as possible by using the lightest gear he could find. For the past several years, his goal has been to step up the “light and fast” game as it pertains to ski mountaineering. He set a Grand Teton speed record at 5:17, has won or placed at several ski mountaineering races, and continues to push the light-and-fast envelope on big mountain link-ups and traverses like the Mill Creek to American Fork traverse, 30 miles, 8000 vertical (5:52) and the Rim to Rim run, Grand Canyon (3:19). You can follow along on his blog, JasonDorais.blogspot.com.

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