Jessa Goebel

Hometown: Fayetteville, West Virginia
Current Transportation: Volvo Wagon
Core Activities: Rock Climbing
Non-Core Activities: Running, drinking beer on the porch.
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, LaSportiva, Petzl
Favorite Places: New River Gorge, Red Rocks, Hueco Tanks
My Jam Is: The sound of my espresso machine.
I Eat Lots Of: Veggies and meat
Fun Fact: I don’t like spiders, at all.

Raised in North Carolina, Jessa started climbing in the gym at the age of 9. Soon after, she was competing on a national and international level, climbing outside on weekends and breaks from school. By the end of high school, competition became less of a priority as climbing outside became more of a priority. Her focus would be turned to boulder problems and traditional lines in the Southeast. Currently all Jessa’s efforts are toward taking 20+ years of skill and experience into the mountains. At the moment she resides in Fayetteville, West Virginia, within walking distance of the New River Gorge and works as a sales rep and athlete in the outdoor industry.

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