Kyle Dempster

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Current Transportation: 2003 Dodge Sprinter
Core Activities: Alpine climbing
Non-Core Activities: Keeping it real, loving life, drinking coffee, running, fly fishing, the barbell, bikes
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, La Sportiva, Black Diamond, CiloGear, ProBar, Rimini Coffee
Favorite Places: Zion National Park, Pakistan, pitch two of the GWI during superbowl Sunday, my parent’s house, places with big trees
My Jam Is: Variable, depending on mood.
I Eat Lots Of: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, vegetables, chips and salsa
Fun Fact: I have pretty awful BO when I drink a lot of coffee and forget to drink water (surely, people don’t know).

In 2009, convinced that getting strung out on big alpine climbs was not a solid retirement plan, Kyle Dempster and a friend purchased a small Salt Lake City coffee shop and re-named it “Higher Ground Coffee.” Realizing now that small business ownership isn’t exactly a street paved in gold, Kyle divides his time between getting dangerously over caffeinated and channeling his buzz toward any form of climbing. Whether it’s a Himalayan peak, granite big wall, limestone sport cave, sandstone crack, boulder or tree, Kyle feels there is an experience in each and a story worth living.

Inside The Mind Of An Alpinist’s Mentor

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Remembering Justin Griffin, September 15, 1980 - November 14, 2015

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Tibet via Buick

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The Art, History And Ethics Of Trundling

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Finding Alpine Solitude In Nevada

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Sport Climbing in Greece and Turkey

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The Motivation of a Child

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First Ascent: East Face, K7

Assalaam alaikum everyone! Hope y'all are having a great summer. Everything is splendid here in Pakistan. Hayden, Urban and I are finished with part one of our Pakistani doubleheader and with great… [Read More]

Throwing Horseshoes at China

Kyle Dempster motivates himself with trail running and Chinese mountain photography

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Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan: Solace By Cycle

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