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Margo Talbot

Hometown: Canmore, Alberta
Current Transportation: 2006 Toyota Tacoma
Core Activities: Ice climbing
Non-Core Activities: Writing, speaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, nordic skiing
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Sterling Rope, Osprey Packs
Favorite Places: Antarctica, Canadian Rockies
My Jam Is: Sixto Rodriguez
I Eat Lots Of: Popcorn
Fun Fact: I don't brush my hair.

​Born in New Brunswick and heading west at her earliest convenience, Margo’s world was transformed the day she swung her first axe into the ice. The immediacy, focus and joy of the activity has been her passion ever since. Margo credits physical activity and her relationship with nature as the driving forces in her healing journey through addiction and depression, a journey chronicled in her tell-all expose, All That Glitters.

Margo lives in Canmore Alberta, surrounded by the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. When she’s not out playing in the mountains, Margo spends her time speaking, writing and teaching people how to climb. Her goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the activity that literally saved her life.