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Mark Allen

Hometown: Ballard, WA
Current Transportation: 2001 Ford Ranger with a dirtbag suite for two
Core Activities: Alpine climbing, ski-mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing
Non-Core Activities: Guiding, working on the board of directors at American Certified Guides Cooperative, crab fishing with family, avy education
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, La Sportiva, Mountain Safety Research, Bird Wear, AMGA, IFMGA
Favorite Places: Alaska, Bugaboos, Washington Pass, Chamonix, Italian Limestone
My Jam Is: Folks say I don't like music, I just like loud guitars.
I Eat Lots Of: Meals in European huts while guiding
Fun Fact: I'm not weird, I'm just nice.

Mark is native to Washington. He was raised by wolves in the North Cascades where he was introduced to alpine climbing and deep powder skiing. After closing his geophysics textbook for the last time, he joined the league of homeless, car-dwelling, nomadic, mountain guides and began lapping countless classics with clients in the Cascades and the High Sierra. After a decade of hopping from crag to glacier, Mark received his IFMGA/AMGA guiding certification and now is the director of his own boutique guide service, The Mountain Bureau LLC, a booking network for climbing and ski touring trips worldwide. Mark calls Ballard, Wash., home.