Nik Berry

Hometown: Sandy, UT
Current Transportation: 2002 Toyota Egg/Echo
Core Activities: Rock climbing, running
Non-Core Activities: El Cap, rappelling, self edumacation, BBQ
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Clif Bar, Cilogear, Sterling
Favorite Places: Yosemite, Zion National Park, Rifle, Hueco
My Jam Is: Katy Perry, California Gurls
I Eat Lots Of: Plants
Fun Fact: I like girls.

​Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nik Berry learned to love playing in the mountains at an early age. Introduced to climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon in high school, Nik was immediately hooked. Attending university in Flagstaff, Ariz., intensified his obsession, and also allowed him to meet some great friends who showed him how to succeed and thrive in all of climbing’s disciplines. With this young group of dedicated climbers, Nik would travel every weekend to Hueco, Indian Creek, Bishop, Joes Valley or Redrocks to further hone his craft. Nik’s obsession turned his college years into a four-year climbing road trip that left him with a B.A. in business and a masters in rock climbing.

Though Nik’s skills as a climber have given him the opportunity to travel and climb at many world-renowned areas, Yosemite still has his heart. Follow Nik on Instagram at

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