Peter Doucette

Hometown: Intervale, NH
Current Transportation: 2000 Subaru Forester
Core Activities: Alpine climbing, ice climbing, mixed climbing, rock climbing, skiing, ski-mountaineering
Non-Core Activities: Guiding, exploring beautiful places with friends and family, photography, cooking good food, travel
Sponsors: Ourdoor Research, Sterling Rope
Favorite Places: Cannon Cliff, NH; Needles, CA; Lake Willoughby, VT; Ruth Gorge, AK; Dolomites, Italy; Lofoten Islands, Norway
My Jam Is: I need to expand my musical horizons...
I Eat Lots Of: Quality baked goods of all sorts
Fun Fact: Most people don't know this, but I'm trying to stay home in New Hampshire more.

An alpinist at heart, Peter Doucette is a passionate climber and IFMGA guide based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He practices his art year round, but is especially inspired by steep ice and wild mixed climbing when the temperatures drop and the ephemeral routes emerge. Peter’s pursuits of adventure farther afield have led to first ascents in the Alaska Range, the Sichuan Province of China, and Namibia. At home in the Northeast, he credits a great community of talented friends who make the local climbing experiences rewarding and great training for the ranges of the world. Peter maintains a constant schedule of climbing, skiing, and guiding—which means there’s no off-season. The variety in terrain, changing conditions, and modes of travel keep Peter psyched and learning in the mountains—just the way he likes it. For more information on Peter, check out

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