Sarah Hueniken

Hometown: Canmore, AB
Current Transportation: Nissan Xterra 2003
Core Activities: Ice climbing, mixed climbing, rock climbing
Non-Core Activities: Surfing, dog walking, coffee, running, art gallery day dreaming
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, MEC, Streling Ropes, Hot Chilly's, Scarpa
Favorite Places: The Lookout in Echo Canyon in Canmore, The Ghost Wilderness Area for ice and rock climbing
My Jam Is: ALT-J, Yeah Yeah Yeah's
I Eat Lots Of: Coffee. Even though it's not food, it's the one thing I can't live without!
Fun Fact: My last name translated means “little hen,” which is one of many nicknames, Hunes, Poco Pollo, Hunicorn, Hunibomber…

​Sarah has followed the lure of the outdoors ever since her first canoe trip as a young kid. Currently living and working full time as an ACMG Alpine Guide in the Canadian Rockies, Sarah’s business focuses on teaching women the skills necessary to be independent in the mountains on rock, ice and in alpine environments. An avid climber, Sarah is constantly pushing herself in all mediums, from mixed climbing to first ascents on seas stacks in Newfoundland.

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