Zack Giffin

Hometown: Gold Hill, CO
Current Transportation: I own many bikes and a rundown van.
Core Activities: Skiing
Non-Core Activities: Carpentry, mountain biking, swing bike building, guitar playing, painting
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, Black Diamond, Smith, Gordini
Favorite Places: Mt. Baker, Gold Hill, All the spine-covered mountains across the world
My Jam Is: Nothing but "Fire Tracks"
I Eat Lots Of: Spaghetti and Oatmeal
Fun Fact: My feet have been deformed by my ski boots.

Zack Giffin grew up skiing and playing soccer with two brothers in the small mining town of Gold Hill, Colorado. Years of ski trips and movie projects with brothers Jeff and Sam lead to involvement and eventual leadership of Right On Brother Productions, a film company now headed by Sam.

In 2003, Zack and Sam moved to Mt. Baker Washington to work in the terrain park and pursue film making in the Pacific North West, where they both still live. A close relationship with friend and photographer Grant Gunderson created many travel opportunities and photos published. Called one of Washington’s “Alpine Icons” by Ski Washington Magazine, Zack has been featured in every major ski magazine, and he has done video projects for ESPN, Skiing and Powder magazine.

These days you can find Zack traveling the winters in a 112 square foot Tiny House he built in the fall of 2011, or in a remote part of British Columbia filming for the upcoming Sweetgrass Productions release “Valhalla.”​

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