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Billi Bierling was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the German Alps and was never really a mountain lover until her late twenties, when she discovered rock climbing. In 1998, she went on her first trip to Nepal and developed a deep affection for the country. So, in October 2004 she packed in her job with Swiss Radio and arrived in Kathmandu with a rucksack and a bicycle.

Billi has worked for Miss Elizabeth Hawley since 2004, when she moved to Kathmandu more permanently. During her time in the Nepalese capital, she not only collects data for the Himalayan Database, she also works as a journalist, translator and every once in a while as a trek leader. When Billi is not roaming the streets of Kathmandu on her bike looking for mountaineers, she likes going off to the high Himalayas herself. In 2009, she summited Mount Everest, followed by Manaslu in 2010, Lhotse in 2011 and she has just come back from an expedition to Nuptse. 

When she is not working for Elizabeth Hawley or climbing a mountain, Billi goes on short missions for the United Nations, for whom she works as a press spokesperson. Her contracts have taken her to Pakistan, the West Bank and Jerusalem.