Blast into the Past with the RetroActive Collection

Back in 1981, against all odds, an industry-revolutionizing pair of headwear and footwear protection was born out of a lifelong passion for good adventure and sick mustaches. Fondly dubbed the Seattle Sombrero and Crocodile Gaiters, these heritage pieces set the stage for outdoor accessories for decades, and we’ve been trying to find our way back to the golden years ever since...

Until today, when we revolutionized the way you think of time travel with the RetroActive Collection.

Activate your 80’s daydreams and let us take your breath away with the all-new righteous rain hat and leg warmer combo that’s guaranteed to give you a totally tubular 80’s experience. Now you can relive your favorite decade with time-traveling transportation; Simply put on your favorite RetroActive accessory, head out into the wild, rainy, muddy outdoors, and prepare for an instant flashback AND an instant flash dance. What a feeling!

Meet the RetroActive Rad Rain Hat; the sombrero-style rainwear that weighs in at an ultralight 3.2 oz and screams "SCHWEET DEAL." While totally waterproof and packed with UPF 50+ sun protection, this powerhouse of a noggin-topper protection does more than just shield adventurers from bad weather: It shields you from bad style as you blast back three decades. Not 1.21, but zero gigawatts required.

And if you thought those wide-brim colors were eye-catching, wait until you see these: The RetroActive Leakproof Leg Warmers. It's time to trash your dag spanky cotton leg warmers and upgrade to these: The best way to juice up your leg day game with the bombdiggity brightest colors of the only decade that matters. Just as durable, protective, and waterproof as our long-beloved Crocs, the Leakproof Leg Warmers are guaranteed to resist abrasions - but can't hold back from a groovy dance off. Because we understand that love is a battlefield.

How did we do it, you ask? By using the first-of-its-kind FLEX™ Capacitor technology; the only tech in the outdoor fabric market that adds FLEX and stretch to your performance pieces while also letting you FLEX through the space-time continuum. Now who are you calling a maniac?

Thanks to FLEX™ Capacitor technology, all you need to do is secure your leg warmers and cinch up your rain hat for an instant 80’s experience  that’ll have all the hosers buggin’ over your new gear. That’s right: The FLEX Capacitor technology is actually embedded into the chin cord of the Rad Rain Hat, so by simply cinching it up, you’ve just landed a one-way ticket to the decade of your dreams. And with FLEX for Leakproof Leg Warmers, you can trip, stumble, and face plant your way down the trail without worrying about pesky rain or mud making its way into your boots. One might even say that these hat and gaiters pair together better than Hall and Oates.

If you followed along on our video journey of the RetroActive Experience (and if not, click "play" above!), you may have noticed a familiar face from decades past: Outdoor Research founder, lifetime outdoor adventurer, and devotee of the mountains, forests, and waterways of the Pacific Northwest, Ron Gregg. We would've spotted that sick-stylin' mustache from decades away - and it's a good thing we did. Ron sealed his stamp of approval for the RetroActive Collection between a cinch and a kickstep of his new pair of totally tubular hat and gaiters.

Gettin’ juiced? Just wait ‘till you check out the extra-special features on these bad boys...

RetroActive Rad Rain Hat

  • Radical
  • Tubular
  • Bitchin’
  • Powered by FLEX Capacitor™ technology
  • Resistant to Flash Storms and Flash Dances
  • Walkman-Compatible

RetroActive Leakproof Leg Warmers

  • Leakproof
  • Partyproof
  • Choice
  • Powered by FLEX Capacitor™ technology
  • Accommodates white Reeboks
  • Footloose fit

So motor on over to to peruse these wicked styles and turn your next adventure into a real trip and use this link for 50% off.