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​Bryan grew up in New Hampshire and started climbing at age 16 in his high school outdoor program (yes they did exist in the 80’s). Previously eschewing everything except ground-up traditional climbing, he luckily stumbled upon some friends who had heard of this great thing called sport climbing, and has since seen great personal growth in all the
varied disciplines climbing has to offer. While he enjoys long, remote alpine routes most, having recently relocated to Boston, he’s found solace in the short, fierce test-pieces of Rumney and Pawtuckaway and has recently sent his hardest boulder problems and sport routes. Bryan just returned from a month in the Tasermiut Fjord, Greenland, where he
summited Nalumasortoq and Ulamertorsuaq. He is currently running laps at Rumney and spending time on the finger-board in preparation for Chulilla, Spain.