Designed By Adventure: Ensenada Hoody

We know we’ve really done our job when one of our designs becomes the unofficial company uniform—the way the Ensenada Sun Hoody has. “Everyone in the office is wearing it,” says OR Director of Apparel, Jason Duncan. “It looks and feels like your favorite hoody even though it’s built for alpine pursuits.”

Developed for OR climbing athletes who are moving fast up high—where the high-altitude sun’s is even more intense—this top is loaded with technology, even though it looks and feels perfectly simple. It’s both protective against the sun and also incredibly cooling.

“It’s made from a blend of Modal®, polyester, organic cotton, and spandex,” Duncan describes, “which renders a beautiful drape that’s complete with a terry back. This mix eliminates heat trap so you stay cool even under the sun.”

This fiber combo also hooks you up with UPF 50+, the highest possible rating you can get in a garment. This means that the Ensenada Sun Hoody only allows 1/50th (roughly 2 percent) of the UV radiation hitting its surface to pass through. So you don’t have to grease up your hands reapplying sunscreen on your arms and neck.

The fabric, designed for maximum cooling and protection, also feels so soft and silky, you’ll want to make it your everyday hoody. “We are really pleased that we could deliver all these protective qualities in a knit with such a great hand,” explains Duncan. That’s the mark of Modal®, an alternative to rayon that’s twice as soft as cotton due to its lower fiber rigidity. Often found in bedding and towels, Modal® is absorbent and cool to the touch.

Just as important as how the hoody feels against your skin is how it fits over your body when you’re on the sharp end. The Ensenada Sun Hoody nails it. Loose enough to slide on over a base layer or tank top, but fitting enough to wear alone, it’s perfect for paddling or climbing, when you need full range of movement and nothing to catch or hold you back.

A zippered chest pocket on the men’s version and right hip pocket for the women will keep your chapstick or phone handy. Optional thumb loops keep the sleeves perfectly in place, and the sleeves are plenty long for extra sun coverage on the place that often sees more sun than any other: your hands. The stretchy hood volume is flexible enough to fit over a cap or helmet but also wears well alone if you like Rocky’s “Eye of the Tiger” look.

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