Designed By Adventure: Stormtracker Heated Gloves

“Designed By Adventure.” At Outdoor Research, our products have been designed by adventure for more than 30 years, with features and fabrics imagined, tested and perfected in the wild. And like our products, our lives and the lives of our customers are sculpted by the experiences we have in the natural, unpredictable environments we love. We, too, are Designed By Adventure.


It takes a special kind of person to enjoy this kind of cold—someone who'll go out no matter what the conditions. We designed the Stormtracker Heated Gloves for that person—who heads up to the mountains regardless of how low the temps are because they can't not go. Because they love that feeling of thunking a perfect ice tool placement and moving upward. We made the Stormtracker Heated Gloves because we know how frustrating it is to have your cold hands distract from sending. It's a heated glove, but not like the ones you've seen before. These are fine-tuned, and precise, so you don't have to choose between cold and fumbling.

"When people think of heated gloves, they imagine a big, bulky ski glove," says produce manager Meghan Martens. "This is the opposite. It’s a streamlined, sleek, dexterous glove that has a heating element inside."

The secret? We designed it like a tactical glove instead of a ski glove. "We used a gun cut construction which allows a tighter fit with fewer seams around your fingers," Martens says. "Which is great because you don’t feel the bulk from the seams."

The ALTIHeat™ Battery-Powered Heat Technology uses a rechargable lithium ion battery, and features three different heat settings controlled by a switch. The switch is big enough to operate without removing the gloves, which users have raved about. The heating elements extend throughout the fingers, evenly distributing heat. So if you're graduating from disposable chemical handwarmers, you'll love the finger warmth without the sweaty palms. A locking zippered compartment stores the batteries out of the way.

The biggest challenge to building such a warm glove and keeping it sleek was figuring out how to keep the heat trapped inside the glove, Martens says. "Since it’s a tight-fitting glove it was easy for the heat to escape out the backside of hand. We had to play around with layers inside the glove."

The final product nails it with a super lightweight layer of PrimaLoft in the back of the hand, which is TPU injection molded for perfect fit and protection. The goat-leather palms resist water and stand up to an alpine beating, plus they're also lined with PrimaLoft insulation, keeping the cold at bay. The WINDSTOPPER® soft shell fabric blocks brutal gusts, and the soft polyester tricot lining wicks away unwanted moisture. "The Gore Windstopper material we use and have used for years is awesome," Martens says. "It’s the perfect weight, the perfect thickness, perfect amount of warmth. That’s why so many athletes love this glove."

Designed for technical ascents, the Stormtracker Heated Gloves feature an elasticized, tapered wrist and zippered gauntlet to fit snugly with any combination of jackets and keep the cold—and wet—out. Whether you're placing ice screws or handling the belay, these gloves do their job without getting in the way.

Thoughtful details like a glove clip and a pull-on loop make these the perfect alpine partner: everything you need for maximum performance, nothining else.

While we designed these gloves with ice climbing in mind, their features obviously make them perfect for any activity where you need an extra warmth boost without sacrificing precise movements. Whether your hut trip turned out colder than expected or you get cold fingers on the belay ledge, the Stormtracker Heated Gloves will be your new best buddy. "This is a tight fitting, windproof glove that's super dexterous," Martens says. "This glove was designed to provide just enough extra heat to keep you outside a bit longer to get to that next pitch."

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Photo by Forest Woodward.