Designed By Adventure: The Astroman Shirt

Spring’s warmer weather may mean one less layer for hikers, runners, and urban adventurers, but for climbers it means that their choice crag is about to go from balmy to blistering hot.

As temps spike with the changing season, climbers become more susceptible to distracting sweat and dangerous sun damage. Choosing the right clothes becomes a climber’s top priority when they’re spending hours on end clinging to a sun-drenched wall—especially when they need to feel cool and comfortable taking their time to place protection or spot their next hand hold.

Cue the development of our Astroman apparel: The best-selling shirt collection for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for unbeatable sun protection in excellent style.

Inspired by one of the hardest long free climbs in Yosemite Valley, El Cap veteran and world-renowned speed climber Hans Florine worked hand in hand with our design team to create the perfectly woven technical piece designed specifically with climbers in mind. We asked Hans to share the beta on what makes this collection so celebrated.

Hans said folks are most surprised to feel how soft and comfortable the fabric is, and how its movement-mirroring stretch truly moves with the wearer for each reach and when you want to go for the dyno. Its UPF 50+ sun protection blocks harsh rays, while its wicking and quick-drying qualities keep you cool during searing temps so you can focus on the lead and not the shirt.

One of Hans’ favorite characteristics of the Astroman? “The chameleon-ness of it.”

This comes from a gripe he holds against other outdoor clothes that are unable to fit into city life après-climbing. Not only do the Astroman pieces make up for this by looking great and performing even better during long days on hot rock, but their flexible styles transition seamlessly from crag to business meeting and everywhere in between.

“I’ve actually worn it up El Cap one day and didn’t have time to wash it, and wore it to a speech the next day in the city,” said Hans. “It’s beautiful to be able to take something out, shake it out a bit, and let your body iron out the wrinkles.”

Another beloved feature of these shirts is the Sun Snap Collar™ that protects his neck from the sun, his gear rack, and adds just an extra few inches of warmth on chilly days. When worn down, it’s easy to dress up this classic button-up + incognito outerwear piece.

Between the comfort, style, and performance of the Astroman Collection, you’ll be reaching for these pieces day after day all season long – just like Hans does.

Photos by Kjersti Christensen and Elise Giordano.