Our Ferrosi collection is our most extensive series—including everything from jackets to skirts. And it’s probably our most beloved line, too, for good reason: The fabric is tough as nails but still stretchy and breathable. Now, with the Ferrosi Summit Hooded Jacket, we’ve added a tough-guy alpine version that’s a bit more burly and includes a couple key features that makes it even more perfect for rugged alpine ascents. If that were even possible.

“Ferrosi is one of the best materials we’ve ever developed,” says Jason Duncan, OR Director of Apparel. This single-weave soft shell fabric combines great breathability and stretch with light weather-resistance—key features for smooth, free movement in exposed conditions. Other soft shells tend to use fleece or other less protective fabrics that you may end up layering a hard shell over. Ferrosi fabric gives you the best of both worlds. 

The Ferrosi Summit Hooded Jacket takes it up a notch with a few key features, including Cordura fabric in the body—not just in the shoulders, as in the regular Ferrosi hoody. “Cordura stretch woven fabric is thicker and a little more abrasion resistant, which we use on the shoulders of the Ferrosi Hoody,” explains Duncan. “The Summit Hooded Jacket gets it on the main body. This makes for more windbreak, more water resistance, more protection.”

A pair of chest pockets—in addition to its hand pockets—make the Ferrosi Summit Hooded Jacket a bit more alpine friendly, so when the jacket’s tucked under your harness you’ll still have access to your route beta or your phone to snap a quick photo. And a built-in key clip will make sure that you’ll have access to your car when you get down from a big day.

In addition, the Ferrosi Summit Hooded Jacket has a helmet-compatible Halo Hood. Built with a wire-brimmed visor and adjustable toggles at the front and back, it’s designed to keep your field of vision clear even with a lot of movement. A stretch panel at the base of the hood also lets the hood move with you when you’re craning your neck to see the next move.

Another detail that helps the Ferrosi Summit Hooded Jacket keep up with your toughest ascents is the Dynamic Reach™ underarm panels, which allow you to stretch and move without pulling the entire jacket up your torso.

Adjustable hook-and-loop wrist closures—a high-performance addition unique to the Ferrosi Summit Hooded Jacket—work with a variety of glove sizes as temperature fluctuate. Then to further seal off exposure, the bottom hem has an elastic drawcord to close the gap. Plus, the front full single-separating zipper is DWR-treated to protect you even more from the elements.

“We recently won a ‘best gear’ award from Germany’s Outdoor Magazin,” says Duncan. “It’s very difficult to get as they put the gear through the gauntlet: two washing cycles with and without detergent, 40 grit sand paper, water-resistant industrial spray test, and then it’s field tested by three women and three men. It’s put through the paces and we won the category.”

“I use my Ferrosi for everything,” says OR Ambassador Beth Rodden. “Whether I’m on El Cap, cragging, or just out for a day in the mountains, it’s the perfect piece.”

Building on the popularity of all the different variations on the Ferrosi theme, the Ferrosi Summit Hooded Jacket kicks it up a notch to make it your go-to piece for alpine climbing—or really any activity where you need breathable protection, extra abrasion resistance and thoughtful details.