DPS CInematic’s The Shadow Campaign: Vol. IV, Song For The Nomad

In partnership with DPS SKIS Cinematic, we proudly presents the final short film of this season’s The Shadow Campaign, Volume IV, 'Song for the Nomad'.

The Cinematic story has always been personal to the brand––a group of friends in the mountains skiing and enjoying the process of creating beautiful images as a team. Forged by the long-time relationship between filmmaker Ben Sturgulewski and skier/DPS founder, Stephan Drake, the films have become an indie voice for art in ski films. 'Song for the Nomad' takes that personal heritage one step further. Stephan’s girlfriend, Katya Mihailova is an acclaimed pianist and film composer who originally hails from Kyrgyzstan. On a joint summer trip to her home a few years ago, Stephan eyed the vast and beautiful Tian Shan mountains and began conceiving a cinematic project that would tie Katya’s music and home to the world of ski Cinematic. Katya did the groundwork, organizing the shoot, recording local instruments, playing in the concert hall that she performed in as a child, and eventually composing an original score. Stephan, along with Koalas Piers Solomonand Drew Petersen, headed off to the backcountry and a wild snowpack for five days to film the skiing segments with Ben and fellow filmmaker, George Knowles.