Fabric as Light as Air: AirVent™ Technology

Learn about the superb airflow, breathability, and moisture management of AirVent™ technology.

In the scalding heat of the summer, we ditch all the excess fabric and weight that we can. Sometimes that means stripping your shirt off, letting your skin sweat and dry freely - while also exposing your skin to direct UV rays.

We’re here to prove that the thinnest layer of material can outperform bare skin, and even keep you cooler than if you weren’t wearing anything at all.

See AirVent™ technology: The lightweight, ultra-fine fabrics with open texture that provide superb airflow, breathability, and better moisture management with faster drying time.

AirVent™ takes what you think of as traditional mesh, and shrinks it down. It uses an open texture with ultra-fine yarns so that air can move in and out, from skin to the environment, like an open window. This is important for high-exertion activities where you’re building up lots of sweat, and the moisture needs to escape somewhere. In a way, AirVent actually fans out moisture from within the material, to the outside, where it can dry completely. 

The way that AirVent actively pulls perspiration away from the skin allows you to have greater moisture management than you would without wearing anything at all. You’ll dry quicker, cool quicker, all without sacrificing durability - a major issue with other types of mesh.

A hiker wears a shirt from the Echo Collection, featuring AirVent Technology.A hiker wears a shirt from the Echo Collection, featuring AirVent Technology.


Our best-selling, award-winning ultralight Echo Collection has long been the pinnacle way to wear AirVent during the summer months when extreme heat and sun exposure are critical factors to an outdoor adventure. Impossibly lightweight and in a range of styles, each Echo piece was designed to key in on protection in essential areas:

  • Echo Hoodie: The most popular item of the collection, the Echo Hoodie is a favorite for its long sleeves, and a hood that fits under a helmet and over a cap. The women’s version has one of our favorite features: A ponytail port for easy hair management.
  • Echo Tank: The smallest, lightest option that crunches up to the size of your palm. The Echo Tank is so light, you’ll barely feel like you have anything on, noticing it only when it’s drying your sweat so you can stay distraction-free. 
  • Echo Boxer Briefs: A favorite for guys, the Echo Boxer Briefs keep things dry and cool when you’re moving fast and working hard.
  • Echo Ubertube: When you want just a touch of sweat-free sun protection, the Echo Ubertube makes a great bandana, face covering, headband, balaclava, or whatever else you can imagine its shape into.
A trail runner wears a shirt from the Echo Collection, featuring AirVent Technology.A trail runner wears a shirt from the Echo Collection, featuring AirVent Technology.

New for the Spring 2021 season, the Argon Collection is our newest application of AirVent technology. These technical layers keep you cool, dry, and stink-free throughout all four seasons by wicking sweat and moisture via AirVent, and doubling down on odor with ActiveFresh™ technology. UPF 30 sun protection provides a stronger defense against harmful UV rays than other AirVent options, and works equally as well on snow, in the desert, or out on the water.


Both short sleeve and long sleeve versions of these t-shirts are perfect for layering or wearing on their own. Plus, 83% of these tees are made from recycled materials that perform just as well as those brand new. When you wear these, you’re not just doing yourself and your sweat a favor - you’re placing a little less strain on the planet, too.