Find Your Dream Bouldering Kit

Whether you measure success by moves, draws, or pitches, you’re sure to find your dream climbing kit in our Spring 2019 Rock Climbing Collection. Today we’re diving into the apparel and accessories you’ll want for the dynamic, powerful movements of Bouldering. To explore more styles, check out our Cragging Kit and Multi-Pitch Kit.

Bouldering takes guts. High ball, high consequence, and high reward climbs require focus and dedication. In no other arena do the words “GOT YOUR BACK!” take on such a meaningful, literal interpretation. And likely, in no other realm of climbing will you see as much music, nonsense, and conversation enjoyed around the base of the rock.

Instead of relying on ropes for protection, you rely on instinct. Mastering the fall is more than a skill – it’s a tool for staying safe. Those frequent impacts with the ground, combined with sitting starts and tricky knee bars, all require bottoms that won’t rip or tear, no matter what you put them through. Thoughtful details like a chalk brush holder or articulated knees can go a long way, too. And since you’re not worried about wearing a harness, you better count on them fitting better than any other pants in your closet.

Drawing on inspiration from these particularities, we designed a Bouldering Kit that’s built to nail big bouldering moves:

  • All day comfort for “all in” commitment.
  • Casual, versatile clothes you can wear between the road trip, approach, and pub. Stretchy, movement-enhancing fabrics that let you flex and reach without restriction.
  • And of course, breathable and lightweight threads that have you focusing on your next move instead of fluctuating temps.

And here’s where you’ll find them:

The Quarry Shorts and Pants, built with 98% of pure cotton comfort and 2% of stretchy spandex mobility. Articulated knees ensure your toehold isn’t far from reach, while an easily adjustable waistband tightens and loosens as your layers fluctuate. Two new pullovers, including the half-hemp Sonora Hoody with its natural light weight, breathability, and odor-fighting fabric, as well as the Red Rock Hoody for Cordura-infused-toughness against rock and hard ground falls.

For classing up the crag, the Men’s Growler II Shirt and Women’s Melio Shirt can add a collar pop and lighter-than-air weight that will make you feel like you’re flying up the rock. Finally, the Axis Tees and Tanks embody the classic cotton look, turned technical with UV filtered protection, odor resisting hemp, and 4x the durability and stretch of regularly-treated cotton.

Bonus points for the organizationally inclined – pack smarter and go farther with the new Padded Cells lightweight storage cases to protect your valuables like snacks, camera, and more.

You can count on us to stoke your journey with purpose-built gear for however you like to get out there. Find your own perfect kit in the Spring 2019 Rock Climbing Collection.