Find Your Dream Climbing Kit For Cragging

Whether you measure success by moves, draws, or pitches, you’re sure to find your dream climbing kit in our Spring 2019 Rock Climbing Collection. Today we’re diving into the apparel and accessories you’ll want for the versatility and abrasion-prone elements of Single-Pitch Cragging. To explore more styles, check out our Bouldering Kit and Multi-Pitch Kit.

The crag breeds its own type of community. There are lifelongers, there are newcomers, there are seasoned gym climbers taking their skills outside for the first time. Yes, cragging encompasses a lot – including bouldering and multi-pitch. Today we’re focusing on the moves, knowledge, and gear it takes to enjoy single-pitch roped climbing.

With higher routes come higher consequences. What makes roped climbing so starkly different from bouldering is the room for error between harnesses, knots, anchors, protection, and communication. On the route you’ve got to be mentally prepared for a whipper lead fall, and on the ground you better hope you’re vigilant enough to catch your partner before they even realize they missed their hold.

What does this all mean for the gear you’ll be bringing along in your Cragging Kit?

  • You’ll want to be wearing breathable, wicking fabrics that keep sweat at bay during the hiking approach, challenging climb, and an active belay.
  • Abrasion resistance is key for preserving clothes through falls and unavoidable encounters with rock.
  • Light insulation comes in handy on long routes with windy, exposed top outs.
  • Stretchy, movement-enhancing fabrics will let you flex and reach without restriction.
  • And a little trail-to-town style never hurt – because who needs an outfit change on the way to the pub?

If you need a layer that ticks all of these boxes, look no further than the Refuge Hybrid Hoody; the layer built on the idea that when your outerwear focuses on your core comfort, you’ll be able to focus on stretching your limits. Pairing well with the Refuge are our rock-thrashing-ready Wadi Rum Collection of shorts and pants. These are our favorite bottoms for hiking to the crag, fitting comfortably under a harness, and preserving the lightweight, stretchy, abrasion resistance you need for a full day of climbing.

As far as synthetic shirts go, you can’t go wrong with the soft knit blend of the Men's Clearwater series, or the easy eco-friendly comfort of the Women’s Etesian tops. If you want to step up the style with a classic collared plaid shirt, look no further than the Men’s Pale Ale or the Women’s Passage shirts – both packed with UPF sun protection and lightweight, wicking fabrics.

Regardless of the forecast, you’ll want to make sure you’re storing your gear in the Dry Payload Pack: 32 liters of tough, waterproof protection. Because when that freak storm rolls in, keeping your rope and shoes dry is going to be the first thing on your mind if you want a chance to climb once the sun hits the rock again. The second thing on your mind might be staying dry yourself, in which case we’d recommend the award-winning Interstellar Jacket, heralded for its breathability, stretch, and waterproof prowess.

Top off your Cragging Kit with the handwear that’ll have you saying goodbye to tape forever, the Splitter Gloves. And if you’ve still got room, you can’t go wrong with the full zip comfort and rugged cordura protection of the Men’s Cam Hoody and Women’s Cam Hoody.

You can count on us to stoke your journey with purpose-built gear for however you like to get out there. Find your own perfect kit in the Spring 2019 Rock Climbing Collection.