Find Your Dream Climbing Kit For Multi-Pitch Routes

Whether you measure success by moves, draws, or pitches, you’re sure to find your dream climbing kit in our Spring 2019 Rock Climbing Collection. Today we’re diving into the apparel and accessories you’ll want for the uncertain environments and harsh weather of Multi-Pitch Climbing. To explore more styles, check out our Bouldering Kit and Cragging Kit.

Multi-pitch climbers are the ultra runners of the climbing world. Your objectives involve meticulous route planning, weather forecasting, and of course, a dialed packing list. Efficient transitions begin with efficient layering, which is exactly what our Multi-Pitch Collection was built for.

More than any other discipline, multi-pitch climbers need to be prepared for spontaneous shifts in weather. Planning a three-pitch jaunt at the crag can always take longer than expected, and a full day in the high alpine is certainly committing. If you’ve got an even more ambitious itinerary in mind – like a big wall expedition – technicality and functionality must be at the top of your list.

The good news in, climbing El Cap doesn’t take the 45 days it once did in the Harding days. Efficient climbing techniques, advanced fabric technologies, and lightweight gear make it easier than ever to prepare for the worst. Clothes can now dry just as quickly as the rock while you’re waiting out a storm, and design details help your entire wardrobe pair well with harnesses, helmets, and heavy racks.

Just because you’ll want to be overprepared doesn’t mean you need to overpack (even if you’re hauling up a port-a-ledge). This is your no-compromises packing list when dialing your Multi-Pitch Kit:

  • Cutting-edge fabric technologies that keep you dry, comfortable, and at the perfect temperature.
  • Exceptional durability against unavoidable abrasions from the rock and rope, as well as friction from extended time rubbing against a harness and backpack straps.
  • Active warmth that’s easily deployed, and easily stowed, for transitioning to a belay or battling unforeseen changes in temps.
  • Finally, you’ll want function-first style that removes distractions from your layering system and lets you focus on the task at hand.

For rock solid head-to-heel climbing armor, we’ll always recommend the Ferrosi Collection. By far our longest-running, best-selling apparel collection, this season we improved the Ferrosi Pants with a modern slim fit, reinforced durability, and versatile features to help you focus on the next pitch – and nothing else. A lighter-weight soft shell alternative to the Ferrosi is the Men’s Whirlwind and Women’s Whirlwind hoody; made of a recycled polyester/spandex fabric for incredible stretch, supreme breathability, and weather-shedding DWR protection.

Inspired by one of the hardest multi-pitch climbs in Yosemite Valley, the Astroman Shirt series is Hans Florine’s dream come true of a woven technical shirt for big wall climbing. Built with UPF 50+ sun protection and enhanced with a Sun Snap Collar™ for extra coverage on the back of your neck, the Astroman is an OR staple that’s earned its spot on nearly every athlete’s packing list. For especially hot days, when you want to feel like you have nothing on at all, the Echo Collection is our choice for barely-there odor, sun, and sweat defense.

At the bottom of your haul bag you’ll have your emergency warmth layers, like an Illuminate Jacket or Hoody, perfectly packed down insulation with outstanding warmth-to-weight. If the weather looks wetter, you’ll want to swap that for a synthetic layer that performs better in environments with lots of moisture – like the Ascendant Collection.

Of course, your multi-pitch packing list wouldn’t be complete without the Splitter Work Gloves, the gear you’ll want on hand when you’re climbing above the clouds. And we love the simple effectiveness of the new Vantage Visor, with its stretchy brim, helmet compatibility, and ActiveIce™ technology that will turn you into a self-cooling send machine.

You can count on us to stoke your journey with purpose-built gear for however you like to get out there. Find your own perfect kit in the Spring 2019 Rock Climbing Collection.