Five Questions With Climber Ronnie Jenkins

Our athletes and ambassadors shred gnar and send hard lines, but there’s much more behind the scenes: other careers, balancing family life, creating art, giving back. To dig deeper into the adventure lifestyle, we’ve created Five Questions, an ongoing feature asking OR athletes the hard questions. And sometimes more than just five.

How did you get started in your sport?

I broke my hand in a gymnastics meet and my coach thought it would be a great idea for me to start climbing to rebuild my hand strength. Shortly after, I completely stop doing gymnastics and started to climb every day.

What keeps you climbing?

The excitement of developing new areas and finding new rock. 

What is your typical day/week schedule?

I work an eight-to-five job, so on my lunch I’ll do some sort of training and then usually go to the gym after work four days a  week. When the weekends come around I’m fully engulfed by climbing from sun up to sun down.

Finish this sentence: In high school, I was … a complete dork who had long hair and wore oversize pants. I’m glad that phase is over.

Any advice to young people getting started in your sport?

Remember to have fun.

Favorite place on the planet?

There are too many places to just settle for one, but right now I am missing Lander, Wyo. Good people, great food, and brilliant climbing! 

If you could leave aspiring athletes with one important piece of life advice or words of wisdom, what would it be?

Remember that we all started from scratch and you are not better than the person that is on the V1 or 5.7.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m really excited about some upcoming trips to Joe’s Valley and Lander, Wyo.! Also I have some local projects that hopefully will go down this year.

What’s your favorite piece of OR gear?

I always wear the Transcendent jacket [LINK] when it’s cold and I need a piece that will pack down. The Vagabond pants [LINK] are my favorite year round. They’re lightweight, durable and never restrict any type of movement.

Where do you live now and why?

I currently live in Redlands, Calif. I moved out here from Chattanooga, Tenn., about three years ago for a job at Five Ten.

Where do you find the best Apple Fritters?

Mr. J’s Donut House here in Redlands. They have the best Apply Fritters in the USA!!! They’re as big as a personal pizza—heaven!