Five Questions With Speed-Climbing Legend Hans Florine

Our athletes and ambassadors shred gnar and send hard lines, but there’s much more behind the scenes: other careers, balancing family life, creating art, giving back. To dig deeper into the adventure lifestyle, we’ve created Five Questions, an ongoing feature asking OR athletes the hard questions. And sometimes more than just five.

How did you get started in your sport?

A fellow student in my dormitory at Cal Polytechnic San Luis Obispo asked a number of us if we wanted to go out and give it a whirl. That was 30 years ago this November. EBs were my first shared shoes. We bought Boreal Fires together after four or five months.

What keeps you climbing?

The people, the adventure, the whole-body involvement.

What is your typical day/week schedule?

Water World with kids 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Manage/inspire people at Diablo Rock Gym. Short bike ride with wife, if I didn’t do one in the morning. Hang with kids and put them to bed. Alternately, go rig buildings and structures for

Finish this sentence. In high school, I was: very shy, and definitely not in the “popular crowd.”

Any advice to young people getting started in your sport?

Keep it fun forever. If you “get serious” about it, be sure you appreciate just what a cool thing climbing is, and how lucky you are to choose to get serious about it.

Favorite place on the planet?



If you could leave aspiring athletes with one important piece of life advice or words of wisdom, what would it be?

If you’re not injured, get $%#& training hard. Find something, anything that really gets you psyched to work hard for and work hard for it. Things that come easy can be fun, things that come hard are rewarding.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Working on my books, audio book, completing a list of 140 challenges from my gym community.


What’s your favorite piece of OR gear?

It really depends on the situation. I love the OR gloves for rigging. I love the Ferrosi pants for how they work in so many different situations. I use them rigging, biking, climbing, working.

Where do you live now and why?

East San Francisco Bay Area, because the schools are great and that’s a priority for my kids right now. Yosemite being three hours and 12 minutes away with one potty stop is pretty darn OK as well.

Do people have enough time to fit in all the adventures out there?

Yes. Get a clue. There is ALWAYS time to be and stay and get more fit, and be ready for any adventure opportunity that your great adventuring friends throw at you. Don’t live life on the sidelines. If you are worried about getting fired for taking Wednesday off to go climbing or rafting, don’t worry. It’s far worse to be fired for being an unmotivated, uninspired, un-energetic worker who has no creative input to improve the company. Tell your boss to call me if she or he doesn’t get the concept.