Mentally Preparing for a Thru-Hike

In the year 2000, I had thirty boxes of trail food packed and waiting to be shipped from Poulsbo, WA to post offices along the Appalachian Trail.  I’d just received the first at Neel’s Gap… [Read More]

How to Choose a Rope

It doesn't matter if you're a 5.2 beginning climber or a 5.14 rock slayer, whether you wear Carhartts or neon lycra at the crag, every climber out there shares one thing in common; at some point our… [Read More]

Layering for Cold Water Kayaking

It's critical to dress for the swim. [Read More]

Ready to Lead Ice?

Margo is an accomplished ice climber, writer, and guide; and we're happy to count her as a member of the OR Ambassador team. Here,… [Read More]

Preparing for Unstable Snow

A word or two of avy advice from a San Juan snow mama... Avalanches are on my mind all day, every day, all winter here in Colorado's San Juan mountains.  Silverton, you may have heard of it,… [Read More]

Projecting A Route

I recently had the privilege of teaching a clinic at Vertical World in Seattle to a group of fantastic women. Usually I’m pretty… [Read More]

Staying Dry, Even in the Wet!

When planning trips in advance, the weather can not be anticipated. As your trip gets closer every day, you probably find yourself doing what I do: looking at all the different websites for weather… [Read More]

Keeping Your Cool in the Cold

“To lesson the likelihood of Raynaud’s attacks avoid the following;  exposure to cold weather, drinking/eating caffein, touching cold objects, perspiring, cool/moist environments, and stressful… [Read More]