OR Athletes' Holiday Picks

They’re the masters of their sport. They’re the solver of problems. They’re the people out sweating, working, and pushing themselves in the harshest environments to help us design bombproof and beautiful gear. At their core, the Outdoor Research athlete and ambassador team are the rock, snow, and trail warriors we trust with our lives – and our holiday shopping.

This year, we want to offer our shoppers something a little more personal: Our team’s take on the best apparel and gear gift ideas. Here’s a roundup of our athlete and ambassador team’s top picks for what you should shop, why they’ll love it, and who on your list it’ll be perfect for.

Name: Shingo Ohkawa
What: Men’s Astroman Sun Shirt
Why: “I loathe to shop for clothing! I love garments that fit well, and are designed to perform for a wide variety of outdoor pursuits.”
Who: For adventure-climbing partners: Buddies who’ll be swillin’ beers after we open new routes together.

Name: Rachael Burks
What: Women’s Deviator Hoody
Why: “This product is the most versatile layer I have ever used. It’s an every season, every day [piece], and I’m a happier recreating human because of it.”
Who: Active women

Name: Hans Florine
What: Echo Ubertube
Why: “Everyone needs one, or three... you really can’t have too many.”
Who: Anyone


Name: Margot Talbot
What: Women’s Voodoo Pants
Why: Lightweight, three-season stretch
Who: “The woman who wants her pants to perform on the rock, and [to be] lightweight and versatile off the rock as well.”


Name: Peter Doucette
What: Men’s Uberlayer Hooded Jacket
Why: “This layer covers the bases in the broadest range of conditions... I've used it from the Canadian Rockies to Patagonia, and from California to Chamonix.”
Who: Anyone who spends time outside in a wide variety of conditions.


Name: Sarah Hueniken
What: Women’s Melody Hoody
Why: “Super soft and cozy.”
Who: A sister, friend, or niece


Name: Freddy Grossniklaus
What: Heated Gloves Collection
Why: “Tell me someone that does not like warm hands when it is freezing outside?”
Who: Ski tourers or on belay

Name: Beth Rodden
What: Kid’s Helios Sun Hat
Why: “Great protection, super cute for kiddos that are out in the sun all day, and it stays on!”
Who: “Any parent who wants their kiddos to play outside as much as possible without worrying about lathering on sunscreen all day long.”


Name: Tom Murphy
What: Performance Trucker
Why: “Unique blend of casual style and lightweight performance.”
Who: Runners and ski tourers


Name: Jessica Baker
What: Women’s Southback Sensor Gloves
Why: “They really hold up to snow and wetter precipitation... and I don’t have to take my gloves off to take a photo or video while I’m out skiing!”
Who: “Skiers or snowboarders looking for the perfect all-around, versatile, warm glove that performs when you need it to.”


Name: Blake Herrington
What: Backcountry Organizer
Why: “Keep your dirtbag van trips or camping excursions organized. Make it through TSA without blowing a gasket.”
Who: Everyone

Name: Nik Berry
What: Men’s Verismo Hooded Jacket
Why: “All of the benefits of down without the bulk. Crag to bar/dinner/date, check!”
Who: Anyone in need of a fabulous-looking jacket


Name: Kevin Callan
What: Men’s Realm Jacket
Why: “This jacket is just too light to believe it’s totally waterproof, but after dealing with some insane downpours, and still staying dry, it has been the one-and-only rain jacket stored in my pack. Bonus: the jacket stuffs into its own pocket to the size of a Nerf football.”
Who: Shoulder season hikers and paddlers

Kevin also recommends...
What: AirPurge Compression Sacks
Why: “You can never have enough compression sacks, and these are the best around.”
Who: Backpackers and paddlers


Name: Bryan Gilmore
What: Women’s Petra Pant
Why: “Super simple and comfortable. Great for travel, lounging, and looking great.”
Who: The lady in your life


Name: Matt McCormick
What: Men’s Stormtracker Sensor Gloves
Why: “My go-to gloves for hard ice and mixed leads in cold conditions... they offer an incredible balance of dexterity and warmth.”
Who: “Anyone living and/or playing in cold temps.”


Name: Emilie Drinkwater
What: Girls’ Effie Beanie
Why: “Soft, warm, fits well, and super stylish.”
Who: “My nieces are going to love this!”


Name: Drew Petersen
What: Yukon Cap
Why: “This hat lives on my head all winter long. It’s perfect for the skin track, cozy enough for the transition at the top, and gets more compliments at the bar than any other hat I’ve worn.”
Who: “The beer-crushing, skintrack-setting lover of winter.”

Name: Madaleine Sorkin
What: Women’s Flurry Sensor Gloves
Why: “My favorite around town glove, these have an excellent fit and provide extra warmth with the AlpinWool fabric.”
Who: “Anyone in town doing errands and going for walks on a cold day.”


Name: Tom Murphy
What: Aksel Work Gloves
Why: “Classic all-around great gloves for around town to ski touring.”
Who: “Anyone with hands.”


Name: Graham Zimmerman
What: Men’s Extravert Gloves
Why: Simply put: “They look great.”
Who: Anyone.


Name: Joshua Brandon
What: Dry Payload Pack
Why: “This pack won’t quit. I’ve put mind through the ringer this year, climbing in the Dolomites, mountaineering and boarding in the Cascades, paddle boarding on the Puget Sound, and on rainy day walks to work and class.”
Who: “People who need a tough, waterproof, fast, and light bag.”


Name: Jessa Goebel
What: Splitter Gloves
Why: “They make crack climbing fun again... and save on tape.”
Who: “Great for anyone tired of burning through rolls of tape.”


Name: Neil Provo
What: Men’s Incandescent Hooded Jacket
Why: “Throwing this thing on feels like stepping inside a toaster oven! Being cold in the mountains can ruin your day quick. Don’t get caught in the cold without one!”
Who: Brother, father, son, uncle, or buddy – anyone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors.

If you haven’t gotten to know them yet, be sure to meet our athlete and ambassador teams here.