Guide Secrets: 5 Items You Need For Life On The Road

Close your eyes. Click your heels together. And say the words "There's no place like home..."

Other than Dorothy and The Wizard Of Oz, what really comes to mind for you? Does home make you think of your family and friends? Or perhaps the beautiful backyard you like to have BBQ's in? Or is it the easy chair by the fireplace in the house you own? I’m a mountain bike guide, which means my home during the spring, summer and fall is out of a moving vehicle. I don't know where it will be located exactly or what people may be surrounding it. But I do know a few things that can make it feel more comfortable and homey, no matter where I'm parked. Here are five things that help anywhere feel like home, sweet, home.

1. Flannel shirt. It's always nice to have a soft, warm flannel. I may not be able to curl up on the couch with it, but it does make sitting around the fire in foldout chairs more pleasant.

2. Maravia Pad. If you've never heard of this, your world is about to change. It's a sleeping pad that has a three-inch memory foam pad encased in waterproof, durable material. It's the best outdoor sleeping pad that I have ever experienced.

3. A good book. What else can I say? It's great to have a good book, magazine or book on tape to chill out to after a long day at work.

4. Jammy Pack. Another object that will blow your mind. It's a fanny pack that has speakers attached to it. I was introduced to this amazing musical device by Mary Dishman, another Western Spirit guide. You can attach your iPhone or iPod to it and play music.  It allows you to have a stereo around you wherever you may be in your "home."

5. An insulated mug. This is a must to help you wake up in the mornings, whether your home is indoors or outdoors. It will keep your coffee or tea hot while you go about your morning routine, whether it's taking down camp or driving to the office.

If you find yourself in my shoes, traveling around in a moveable home, you'll have a good starting list to make things a bit more homey.