How To Clean a Quickdraw With a Stick Clip

Sometimes the first bolt is the toughest—to clean, that is. After an afternoon of projecting a steep sport route, when you’re totally spent, climbing up to pull the draw off that first bolt is the last thing you want to do. But a stick clip can help. Here are some simple steps to help you clean the first draw efficiently by using a stick clip.

Step 1: 
Find or make a stick clip with a clamp on the end. You can find instructions for making your own stick clip online, for example, at

Step 2: 
Find a small rock to wedge into the clamp it hold it open.

Step 3: 
Aim your propped-open clamp for the gate of the carabiner that’s attached to the bolt and push.

Step 4
: Once you have the gate in between the clamp, start to rotate the stick clip away from the bolt. The draw will then rotate out of the bolt.