It's A Mountain Humor Thing

As adventure photographers, Dan and Janine Patitucci spend a lot of time in the mounains. A lot. So naturally they capture a lot of those special moments that leave them belly laughing. The kinds of moments you really can only get in the mountains. Here, Dan collected a gallery to share. We hope you enjoy.

Silly places for climbing holds warrant silly behavior.


Amazing things happen to those who get this stoked.


I said full body dyno to the pocket, not in the pocket!


Announcing the new OR TurtleWear line of gear & apparel, tent and clothing, all in one slim design.


I know we’ve been above 4000 meters for 3 weeks, but I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. I swear a yak is here to take our order.


We built this city, er, hut on rock and roll...


Going to the beach, Swiss style.


Mobile milk hydration units are the bomb for long runs, I swear, I saw it in Switzerland.


Seriously, there I was in a snow cave with a bunch of sheep.


Photo shoot communication breakdown.