January Photo Contest Honorable Mentions: Top 10 Alpine Objectives

Between January 13th and 14th, we hosted a Facebook photo contest. The prompt was anything checked off your bucket list in the spring or summer of 2014 and the winner was awarded a Cathode Jacket and will be featured prominently in our next catalog. In the extremely difficult process of selecting a winner, it is likely that we quadrupled the length of our own bucket lists. Now meet the honorable mentions from the alpine objective bucket list category.

Weissmeis Switzerland, Photo by Alexander Mudespacher

Sahale Glacier Camp. Photo by Maxime Cavangh

Ice Caves in Antarctica along the Ross Sea. Photo by Alasdair Turner.

East Ridge of Mount Temple in the Canadian Rockies. Photo by Alex SP.

6,000m Peak in Peru. Photo by Chris Higgins

18,000 feet camp on Mount Aconcagua, Argentina. Photo by Dean Werner

 Aiguille du Midi Ridge next to Mont Blanc on the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. Photo by Guillem Casanova

Climbing Bugaboo Spire. Photo by Ted Teegarden

El Dorado Peak. Photo by Stacie Glenn

Little Tahoma from Mt. Rainier. Photo by Seth Grisham