Hometown: Boulder, CO
Sponsors: Outdoor Research, La Sportiva, Maxim Ropes, Metolius, CocoHydro, Primal Guys, Kep’s Pollen Balls.
Current Transportation: 2005 Sprinter Van
Favorite Places: Eldorado Canyon; The Black Canyon; El Cap in Yosemite; alone and scrambling in the Flatirons.
Core Activities: Rock climbing
My Jam is: I wanna hear your whistle blow
Non-core Activities: Carefree bicycle riding, inner tubing
I Eat Lots of: Fermented veggies, smoked fish, avocados, eggs and lots of kale (steamed, fried, dehydrated, blended, fed to the cows I eat).
Fun Fact: Following your dreams takes daily work and requires naps.

Madaleine Sorkin is a professional climber with a passion for difficult traditional routes, particularly up big walls. She’s a certified AMGA Rock guide and coaches climbers to engage their performance edge. Recipient of the AAC Bates award in 2014, Madaleine has traveled from Colorado to California, and internationally to Kyrgyzstan, Patagonia, Jordan and Canada making several first or early ascents up to 5.13+ Grade VI (multi-day) rock walls, often in female teams and in remote areas. Looking back at any achievement or failure, Madaleine sees her ability to stay committed to a climb as linked to her ability to set clear intentions and respond appropriately to each arising challenge. 

In 2017, Madaleine was affected by accumulation of grief and loss in her climbing community and further by the lack of supportive resources in her community. She was inspired to found the Climbing Grief Fund—a program at the American Alpine Club that she, AAC staff and numerous volunteers continue to develop. CGF aims to evolve the conversation around grief and trauma in the climbing community and connect individuals to effective mental health professionals and resources. Learn more at the AAC website.