Mountain Proposals and Post-Wedding Adventures From #LoveInTheMountains

On Valentine's Day Weekend, we hosted the #LoveInTheMountains Instagram challenge, inviting users to post a photo of them and their significant other together in the mountains. We got tons of great submissions. Here are our some of our favorites of people's proposals or post-wedding adventures.





"Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life." -- Dolly Parton 2012 was a big year for us. It started with Mountain School, a 14-week course taught by our local club, the #spokanemountaineers It had been 7 months since that blind date and I couldn't think of a better way to discover each other's charm, than winter camping at 8,000+ feet and trusting your partners newly found self arrest skills as you cross over the seemingly bottomless crevasses. There was tears, blisters, dehydration, altitude sickness, smelly feet and that one midnight incident where there was a mishap with the pee bottle over a sleeping bag in subzero temperatures. But none of the struggle was too much. You never gave up, because you're strong. After that, I knew. No reason to postpone. I dropped a knee at Lake Louise and pushed a piece of parachord, with a double fish knotted on the top, over your knuckle on the dock. We were on our way back from Mt Athabasca and the Columbia Ice Fields near Jasper National Park. Shortly after, we found ourselves on the Summit of Mt Baker, holding these homemade signs. #BakersonBaker #unforgettable Cheers to more adventures with you and growing our #LoveInTheMountains for many years to come. I love you @rachelbaker12 happy #valentinesday ���� ⛷����⛺️�� @outdoorresearch

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Getting married to my best friend and adventure partner. #LoveInTheMountains

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Happy #loveinthemountains weekend love, thanks for being the best adventure partner in my life... #mountblanc

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