Hometown: Park City, UT
Sponsors: Outdoor Resarch, Backcountry.com, Smith Optics, Goal Zero, Orvis, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Probar
Current Transportation: 2007 Yamaha Serow 225
Favorite Places: The whole state of Alaska, the Wasatch Range, The Provo River
Core Activities: Snowboarding, splitboarding, rock climbing, backpacking
My Jam is: Grateful Dead with my pops by the campfire!
Non-core Activities: Fly fishing, mountain biking, outdoor photography, skateboarding
I Eat Lots of: Probar gummies, all flavors!
Fun Fact: You don’t need much more than a 112-square-foot house to live a happy life.

Born and raised in Connecticut, the icy slopes of the East Coast gave Neil his first taste of Snowboarding. When his family migrated west to Utah, he began to see the potential the mountains had to offer beyond ski resort boundaries and beyond his freestyle background. Ever since cutting his first board in half to make a splitboard, Neil has been a strong advocate for backcountry enjoyment. With his passion for photography, he is able to motivate and inspire the outdoor community through the lens of his camera. ​