Oops! I ______ My Pants: Our Funniest Bathroom Mishaps, Part 3

It happens to the best of us. Maybe it was the lentils from last night's dinner, maybe it's sheer nerves. But it usually takes the form of a rumbly tummy and a run for the outhouse. But sometimes the outhouse is far away. Really, really far away. The more time you spend in the outdoors, the higher your chances are of having a, well, let's call it a bathroom mishap. We collected some of the best "bathroom mishap" stories from our athletes to share them here in a five-part series. We hope you enjoy.


So, there we were.

Eight pitches up the West Face of Sentinel in Yosemite. A case of the Curry hurries (Curry Village cafeteria: not even once) left an uneasy feeling as we ascended multiple pitches of difficult off-widths. Straight-in chimney climbing was somewhat comforting as I could clench between moves, but then came the straight-in hand stacks.

Too stupid to just call it a day
I continued on with this blue-collar fantasy.

A rumble, then another
cold sweats and blurred vision
nothing totally out of the ordinary.

The crack bulged and flared requiring a lieback high-step move, but just above the bulge lay moderate terrain: aka sphincter salvation.

Tried to collect myself
control breathing
visualize the move
all that jazz
time was running out.

Turn into the the lieback
a high smear
tighten with the core…

Full blow out.

--Justin Griffin


el cap hang, gut goes
Girl poos while boy sings, hips touch
Wag bag full, sent route

** this May or may have happened on a free ascent with Nik Berry of el corazon el clap (35 pitches 13b)

--Madaleine Sorkin