#OptOutside With Us And We'll Donate $10 To Paradox Sports

Time spent in the great outdoors is good for all of us—it's good for the soul and the body. But when the holiday season approaches, it's sometimes easy to forget that. So we're standing with REI again this year to power down on Thanksgiving and the day after. We won't be at our desks or on the sales floor—and we hope you won't be, either. We hope you'll join us in the woods, out on the trail or on the water.

And, for each person who joins us, we’ll be donating $10 to Paradox Sports (up to $5000), an adaptive sports non-profit dedicated to providing outdoor adventure experiences to the physically disabled. We strongly believe in the work that they do and hope you can also take inspiration from it.

Here’s how to participate:

Step 1 – Skip the shopping and go adventuring outside on Black Friday (11/25)
Step 2 – Take a photo while you're out and post it to Instagram with #OptOutside AND #OutdoorResearch by Sunday night
Step 3 – You’ve done your job and we’ll donate $10 to Paradox Sports (up to $5,000)

Here are just some of the many great opportunities that your participation in #OptOutside could help bring to fruition.

$10 - Allows one person with a disability to start climbing at their neighborhood climbing wall.
$250 - Provides a climber with a physical disability the ice gear, instruction and guidance needed to ice climb in Ouray, CO this winter.
$5000 - Provides the training and adaptive equipment needed to create an adaptive climbing club at an indoor climbing facility near you.
$5000 - Gets a group of injured military veterans to Yosemite National Park for a transformative outdoor experience.
$5000 - Gives 50 people with disabilities the opportunity to experience climbing, hiking and camping in one of America's iconic national parks.

If any of these warm your heart, please considering making a direct donation to Paradox Sports. It’s a simple online payment and can really make a huge difference in someone's life. Donate here.

We’ll see you out there!