OR Technical Apparel Product Manager Jason Duncan earns OIA Sustainability Working Group award

At Outdoor Research, one of our core values is, “Improve every day.”

That’s why along with his nine-to-five(ish) job here at OR, Technical Apparel Product Manager Jason became involved with the Outdoor Industry Association’s Sustainability Working Group (SWG), a volunteer collaboration among more than 450 outdoor industry companies working to identify sustainable business practices throughout their shared global supply chains. In 2013, he joined the SWG’s Chemicals Management Working Group (CMWG). And in February, the Outdoor Industry Association honored Duncan with an Individual Contribution Award for his dedication to effort. 

Duncan has been spearheading an effort to integrate the work of the CMWG into education and training opportunities, including the curriculum at key academic institutions, providing the next generation of product designers and developers with the opportunity to learn about the tools being adopted by the industry.

Over the past three years, the CMWG has grown to around 150 members, and it has established itself as the leading open collaborative effort for apparel, footwear, gear and accessories brands, retailers and suppliers to develop and implement chemicals management best practices in the supply chain. Since its establishment in 2011, the CMWG has developed and launched the Chemicals Management Module (CMM) of the Higg Index, facilitated opportunities to learn about chemicals of concern and pending legislation, and become the go-to place to engage with peers in the industry who are working on the same issues.

“The OIA has provided a much needed pre-competitive space for us to all work together to solve some of these persistent chemistry problems in our respective supply chains,” Duncan says. “I’m deeply honored to have received the award and believe it validates what all of our individual organizations are trying to accomplish under the banner of OIA Sustainability Working Group.”

We’re all very proud of Jason’s commitment to making our products—and all products produced within the Outdoor Industry—more sustainable, and his commitment to living our core values.

Keep up the good work, Jason!