Outdoor Research Helps Support Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

When tragedy strikes on the scale of the April 25 earthquake in Nepal, a place with such deep connections to so many in the outdoor industry, it’s an automatic response to want to help. But sometimes it’s not clear what kind of help is needed most. Even generosity needs guidance and direction to make sure it’s most effective.

That’s why Outdoor Research was honored to be approached by folks affiliated with the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation (ALCF) about teaming on support aimed at helping people in Nepal. Clearly the Charitable Foundation has incredibly deep ties to a range of communities there, and tying in with a larger effort – particularly one being coordinated by such a well-respected and connected organization – made it a natural to support this cause.

After finding out through ALCF what kinds of products that Outdoor Research makes could help most, we were humbled today to play a very small support role by shipping out Outdoor Research dry bags for distribution in Nepal through the Charitable Foundation.

While situations like this are always changing, it appears that a lot of the larger relief effort is directed toward Katmandu, and so the ALCF is focusing is on getting supplies to some of the more remote, smaller villages near the epicenter of the quake, to try to help in areas that have seen less assistance. Some of these areas were particularly hard hit, and are difficult to reach.

Many other outdoor brands have donated tents and sleeping bags to help provide shelter for people who have lost their homes. Dry bags were requested in order to help people keep food and personal items protected from the weather.

More information about what the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation is doing, and how you can help, can be found here.