In this edit from Sweetgrass Productions’ “Valhalla,” Outdoor Research Ski Ambassador Molly Baker speaks to finding home on the road and her love for skiing.

“Skiing for me… it’s never been easy. I was never on the race team. I didn’t ski moguls. But when I went to college, I went to college in a large city. And I wanted to get back into the mountains, so I joined the ski team. At this time in my life, I was just looking for something, looking for direction. And it gave me some kind of purpose, because it was difficult. It wasn’t easy, and I wasn’t a good skier. But I had such a drive to challenge myself, and to see what was possible in myself. School didn’t do that for me, because it felt attainable. But skiing gave me this challenge that’d I’d never experienced before.

And now I’ve been living on the road for over two years, and it’s been interesting to feel that shift towards a big wide open space as home.

Discovering that space, I think that feels like home more than anywhere now.

Whether it’s wind on your face, or feeling sun burnt, or feeling really happy in a powder turn…people want to feel something that’s real. And I related to that, and I see that in all the skiers that I know.

Every day that you go out on your skis, you’re trying to be better; You’re trying to make yourself a better skier, but you’re trying to make yourself a better person, just because of the kind of challenge that skiing gives you. And that’s the whole idea of becoming “a skier”, you know, “a ski bum.” You ski every day, and you devote your life to skiing because it gives you some kind of purpose.

The action of skiing and the belief in skiing are equally important to me. The belief in skiing as something that allows people to achieve being the best person that they’re going to be, and what that does to them mentally is just as important as physically what you can do on your skis. And as your skiing evolves, it’s really important to always be aware of what you’re getting from this thing, skiing, that you are putting your energy and love into.”

- Outdoor Research Ski Ambassador Molly Baker