Outside Bozeman Magazine reviews the Centrifuge Jacket

The editors of Outside Bozeman Magazine know their stuff, which is why we were stoked when they called our Radiant Fleece Centrifuge Jacket, "a great all-weather outer layer."

Full review:

"Centrifuge Jacket - Outdoor Research

Wind, rain, snow, sunshine - weather is a huge determining factor when deciding how to dress for outdoor activities in the winter. If the activity is aerobic in nature, you want an outer layer that's weather resistant and breathable. Outdoor Research's Centrifuge Jacket is a great all-weather outer layer. The front is hard-faced fleece that's wind- and weather-resistant, while the back and underarms are a highly breathable Radiant LT fleece. This innovative construction creates a unique combination of protection and breathability. One of my first concerns with this jacket was the lack of underarm vents, but on a cold morning run, the back material worked like a chimney, releasing the heat and moisture from my upper body. The jacket also has a balaclava-style hood for added protection and the zipper is off-center, so it doesn't rub your face when fully zipped up. My only real complaint would be that the zipper handles are rather small and hard to operate when wearing gloves."

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