Pack Like A Pro with Zack Giffin's Gear List

Making a list. Adding to it. Laying out the gear. Rechecking. 

Packing for fourteen days leaves little room for error. Here’s Zack Giffin’s no-fail gear list for two weeks on a glacier.

Down pants

Camp booties x 2

Gloves x 3

Outdoor Research Maximus shell

Outdoor Research Vanguard Bib pant

Outdoor Research Incandescent Hoody

Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody 600 mid layer

Base layers, shirts and pants

Socks x 12

Warm and Sun Hat

Black Diamond Gigawatt 195cm + 185cm

Black Diamond Skins x 2

Black Diamond Flicklock poles

Black Diamond Factor 130 boots

BCA Float pack with Avalung

Black Diamond Anarchist Avalung Pack

Head lamp x 2

Smith Gage Helmet

Verts snowshoes

Harness with Prussic, repel device, two pulleys and extra carabiners


Snow anchors

Ice Axe

Avalanche Beacon

Smith I/OX goggles x 2 with extra lenses

Thermarest closed-cell sleeping pad

-20 down sleeping bag

Black Diamond Bombshelter tent

Ice Screws and slings

60-meter 8 mm climbing rope

General-purpose 30-meter static rope 


Camelbak Nalgene straw

Travel med kit and camp med kit

Two-liter water bottle


French press

MSR cook set, four-liter and three-liter pots

Long spoons

Plate and Bowl

Costco-size Chocolate

Crazy Creek chair

Good book

Drawing paper and color pencils


iPod with speaker

Cannon T2i