PHOTOS: An Insider's View Of Swiss Hut Life

Photographers Dan and Janine Patitucci know a lot about Swiss huts—they live in Interlaken, and spend more time than not in the mountains around their home, skiing, running, hiking, climbing, you name it. So they often find themselves enjoying a fresh tart, cold beer or cozy bed from one of the Swiss Alpine Cub's 152 huts. For a week this summer, they even went behind the scenes at the Lobhorn Hut, getting a feel for what it takes to keep it running—and snagging some beautiful photos, to boot. Thebuilding sits on a flat shelf on the hillside above the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland. Behind it is the Lobhorner, a small limestone rib with a mellow alpine rock traverse.


Meet the hut keepers, Talak and Irene Tamang. It is their first year at the Lobhorn Hut after managing the Trift Hut for many years. Irene is Swiss, Talak is Nepalese.


A look inside the sleeping quarters.


Dan Patitucci doing dishes, lots and lots of dishes. There is a machine on site, but the week was very cloudy, which caused the solar battery to get low. To conserve energy, dishes are often done by hand. Credit Janine Patitucci.


The view through the outhouse window. This gorgeous view is of the Eiger’s infamous north face.


Swiss trail signs, with times to each destination.


The Eiger’s north face dominates the view, as seen through the prayer flags flying at the hut.


Hasli Kueche is a traditional style tort from Switzerland, made with Hazelnuts.


Early morning views of the Wetterhorn and Schreckhorn. All is still before the guests wake up.


Best patio ever? The Wetterhorn is shown in the backdrop.


Talak preparing the trash and recycling to be taken out by helicopter. The only way to get goods to the hut, and take away what needs to go, is by helicopter.


The helicopter delivering a new supply of food and supplies before then having the trash can and recycles hooked to the line and taken away, by Talak. Taking the trash out has an all new meaning at the Swiss huts.