PHOTOS: First Women's Ascent Of Denali Diamond

The Denali Diamond has been called a modern classic. And at Alaska Grade 6, 5.9 A3/M6 A1 WI5+, at 7,800 feet, it hadn't been climbed by a female team until this summer, when Jewell Lund and Chantel Astorga made an ascent between June 15 and June 19. We're super proud of them, and psyched to share their photos from the expedition here. To read more about the climb, check out the story on Congratulations, Jewell and Chantel!

Packing, packing and re-packing.  Wine makes this more fun as we prep to fly from Talkeetna into the Alaska Range.


Taking a look down glacier from 7,800' Camp. Mount Hunter is peeking through on the left.​


This is the part where we walk real slowly uphill. A ​month's worth of food and gear is real heavy to haul up to 14,000' Camp.


What has chef Chantel cooked up for us today? Tasty perks of going on climbing trips with this foodie.

Chantel has made quick work of the bergrschrund at the start of the Denali Diamond. We're headed into the system on the left. It's around midnight—no headlamps required on this trip!​


Chantel is off to do some rock climbing on the lower face. Soon, sun will hit this face and turn the little ice we see into waterfalls.​


Stemming among golden granite. This route is stunning!​


​There's definitely room for two in there... After 30 hours of climbing, we finally found a spot with enough ice (sorta) to chop a bivy.​


Chantel approaches the crux roof, high on the face. ​My goodness the rock climbing has been great.


We are all smiles after a night's rest! Looking up towards the summit. ​


​Above the technical climbing and cruising on the Cassin Ridge towards the summit!. Is there a burrito cart up there?